President's Page

September 2021


I am excited to carry on the traditions and wonderful activities that GCCC presidents before me and all of our skilled and active members have engaged in over the past decades.   We are a vibrant club that has rich experience combined with new energy and talent.  

During my term as president, I hope to help our club achieve the following goals, which I believe are important to our members and the longevity of our club.  

  1. Continue strong and varied communication efforts providing multiple ways for all members to stay connected with our club.  This includes informative, but clear and concise NewsBud monthly newsletters, small group workshops, and monthly meetings with interesting programs to engage our members.   
  2. Increase learning opportunities.  Between the GCA, our vast network, and our own members’ talents and knowledge, we have so many ways to learn about gardening, flower arranging, conservation issues and other horticulture.  We will continue to help all members benefit and learn together. 
  3. Have fun!  I hope to create more chances to know each other better, learn from each other and have fun together.  

I am very excited about this year and I look forward to serving as your president.

​Julie Maner