Holiday Conservation Tips

Twas the day after Christmas, and all over town,

Trash trucks overloaded, in junk we might drown!

So here are some ways to lessen the load,

And make our earth healthy … a happy abode!

*Use paper gift wrap (preferably recycled), and natural fiber ribbon.

*Buy re-usable cloth gift bags in lieu of gift wrap.

*Avoid mylar, tinsel, plastic ribbon, foil giftwrap.

*Avoid plastic cups, cutlery, plates, paper hand towels, when entertaining.

*Decorate naturally, using fruit, pine cones, greens; then compost.

*Donate, don’t toss, gently used ornaments & tree lights.

*Return clean glass floral vases to local florist for re-use.

*Re-purpose styrofoam pellets; deliver to UPS Store for re-use.

*Keep extra bags in your car for holiday shopping trips.

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