Club Committees

2022 - 2023 COMMITTEES  

Club Committees are established by the Executive Board to carry out the purpose of the Garden Club of Chevy Chase (GCCC). The composition of Club Committees will include a Chair and Co-Chair (where applicable) and a specific number of members.  Each member is required to serve on one (1) yet encouraged to serve on two (2) Club Committees each year.  New Members are required to serve on the Civics Committee their first year of membership and one (1) other committee.

Associate Members are encouraged to serve on the Club Committees.  Associate Members who have special talents and would like to serve on a specific Club Committee would serve on such committees as “consultants.” They would serve in addition to the number of Active Members specified for such committee.

Below is a list of the GCCC Committees and members for 2022-2023:


Oversees the upkeep and maintenance of the Betty English Garden, including keeping photographic records of the Betty English Garden throughout the four seasons, and developing and maintaining a list of plant materials that can be donated from members’ gardens to the Betty  English Garden. Oversees the committees for Village Hall Decorating and for holiday efforts at the National Center for Families and Children.  Carries out other projects agreed upon by the committee and membership.

Chair: Carolyn Wilson

  • Elayne Bennett - Holiday Decorating
  • Susan Benninghoff
  • Bea Cope
  • Kyra Detmer
  • Lindy Dickson 
  • Schuyler Ryon
  • Lisa Sanders


Maintains and oversees the Club website. Produces the monthly NewsBud newsletter informing members of club information, programs, events, pertinent articles, publications, etc., relating to gardening. Assists in fund-raising and Flower Show publicity. Encourages members to submit articles for GCA publications. Circulates to the public any relevant information about our club’s activities, awards, and projects.

Chair: Michelle Dolge

  • Susan Dixon
  • Ellin Nolan
  • Judy Van Namen


Informs members about ecological issues, including recycling, involvement in garden projects, and environmental conservation education in the greater community. NAL: Serves as an educational vehicle for the membership, keeps abreast of the legislative issues and represents the GCCC at the GCA meeting in February on Capitol Hill.

Co-Chairs: Nancy Ridgway, Polly Sturm 

  • Margaret Griffin
  • Judy Van Namen


Educates membership on floral design, for Flower Show entries, and for personal arranging.  Arranges workshops on floral design elements

Co-Chairs: Claudia Lanpher and Mimi McBride

  • Lindy Dickson
  • Susan Dixon
  • Michelle Dolge
  • Chris Leahy
  • Ellin Nolan
  • Twinkle Thompson
  • Judy Van Namen


Promotes the knowledge of garden and landscape design, landscape design and garden history by encouraging members to photograph and document local gardens past and present. Documents members’ gardens through research and photography. Sends documents to Archives of American Gardens at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC for study by garden researchers and historians.

Chair: Melissa Pflieger

  • Jennifer Albrecht
  • Nancy Cholis
  • Ginny Leachman
  • Elizabeth McAdams


Works with Flower Show chairs to organize the horticultural section of flower shows, including writing the schedule, staging the exhibit, organizing passing committee, and storing reusable materials. Helps find speakers, educates club members and initiates other projects as determined by membership interest. Represents the Garden Club of Chevy Chase at Zone Horticulture Meeting. Educates club members on horticultural matters via workshops, special meetings, outings and plant exchanges.

Chair: Schuyler Ryon

  • Marion Ballard
  • Nancy Caffey
  • Susan Kilborn
  • Angela Lancaster
  • Leslie McKay
  • Twinkle Thompson


Organizes the programs and meetings for the year. Provides opportunities to explore interests in photography and to develop skills. Coordinates a photography show when flower shows and/or horticulture shows are scheduled.

Chair: Valerie Grace and Twinkle Thompson

  • Nancy Caffey
  • Schuyler Ryon
  • Ann Thompson


Works with GCCC program chairs to arrange excursions to places of interest. Keeps an active list of GCA member gardens in the United States and the eight foreign courtesy clubs that can be contacted by any member to schedule a garden visit.   Plans local, national and international excursions of educational interest to members.  Keeps a list of GCA Visiting Gardens Chairs.  Keeps informed of domestic and foreign trips open to members planned by the GCA.  Coordinates schedules for other GCA club members to visit GCCC members’ gardens.  Arranges visits to club members’ gardens.

Chair: Paula Gibson

  • Jennifer Albrecht
  • Nancy Cholis
  • Catheryn Clune
  • Kyra Detmer
  • Elizabeth McAdam
  • Pam Perkins
  • Ann Thompson








Appointed Committees are those committees that provide special and important functions.  Members serving on Appointed Committees are chosen by the President. 


Collects, saves and files documents, published articles and photographs of Club and special events in our archives.


Recognizes worthy members with Club and/or GCA awards.

Molly Morris


Presents nominations for Founder’s Fund to the Club and organizes the Club’s choice.

Melissa Pflieger 


Maintains a current list of available judges. Works with Zone VI Judging Chair to obtain judges for flower, photography, and horticulture shows.  Communicates with judges regarding upcoming schedule and logistics.  Sends judges Flower Show schedule in advance. Serves as hostess to the judges

Margie Leachman


Works to process membership applications and to address membership matters.

Molly Morris


Receives suggestions of candidates for office by November 1st.  Presents slate of officers at the January meeting for a vote at the February meeting.

Claudia Lanpher


Schedules programs/meetings for the upcoming year with input from the Club CommitteeChairs. Handles speakers’ logistics and arranges for remuneration of speaker. Coordinates program, Flower Show schedule and any updates/changes throughout the year.  Committee members include the chairs of each committee, who are expected to sponsor at leasts one program each year.

Chair:  Tia Lotuff


Researches and recommends outstanding and noteworthy candidates for GCA Scholarships; completes GCA Scholarship forms according to GCA requirements.  Brings requests from GCA for scholarships to the membership for approval.


Co-chairs: Margaret Griffin and Leslie McKay




Valerie Grace



Susan Kilborn