Horticulture Committee

Organizes horticulture shows. Helps find speakers, educates club members and initiates other projects as determined by membership interest.

Works with Flower Show chairs to organize the horticultural section of flower shows, from writing the schedule, staging the exhibit, organizing passing committee, to storing reusable materials.

Works with Program Chair to select a speaker for a program.

Represents the Garden Club of Chevy Chase at Zone Horticulture Meetings and disseminates information from the GCA National Horticulture Committee to club members.

Further educates club members on horticultural matters via workshops, special meetings, outings and Book-of-the-Month and Plant-of-the-Month.

Produces an educational exhibit (when required) to be displayed at Club flower shows open to the public.

Arranges for in-Club plant exchanges, workshops and other horticultural events of interest to Club members.