Meetings, Programs and Events


Please refer to the monthly NewsBud for updates on meetings, workshops and events.

      Tuesday, September 19, 2023:
      Business Meeting, Luncheon and Program
      • When: 10:00 am meeting, 11:00 am program followed by 12:00 pm luncheon 
      • Meeting and Program Location: Chevy Chase Village Town Hall
      • Luncheon Location: Home of Melissa Pflieger: 8608 Village Park Place, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 
      • Program:  Garden Club of Chevy Chase Games!
      • Hostesses:  Melissa Pflieger and Pam Perkins
      Tuesday, October 10, 2023:
      Business Meeting and Program: Dave Tilley "Living Canopies"
      • When: 8:45 am coffee social, 9:00 am business meeting, 10:00 am program
      • Where: Village Hall
      • Program:  Dave Tilley, “Living Canopies”   As a researcher focused on how humans interact with nature, Dave realized that he could use the natural cooling power of plants to make urban spaces, like the pool, more comfortable and beautiful. He brainstormed a shady structure made of plants—a “living umbrella.” Living Canopies, Ltd., aims to connect people to nature.
      • Hostesses: Nancy Caffey, Susan Dixon, Valerie Grace, JoJo Spallone

      Thursday, November 2, 2023:
      Zone VI Four Club Pop Up Program: Sir Peter Crane, Oak Spring Garden Foundation
      • When: 10:30 am doors open, 11:00 am meeting
      • Where:  City Tavern Club, 3206 M Street, NW Georgetown; paid parking in the Georgetown Park garage
      • What:  Sir Peter Crane, Director of the Oak Spring Garden Foundation and Ned Friedman, Director of Harvard's Arnold Arboretum, along with the authors of Darwin and the Art of Botany (October 2023), will discuss the book, which highlights Darwin's texts on plants in combination with rare illustrations from Bunny Mellon's botanical library. 
      Tuesday, November 14, 2023:
      Business Meeting, Flower Show and Program:  Ellen Frost, "Holiday Floral Designing"
      • When: 7:30 am to 8:45 am flower show passing, 8:45 am coffee, 9:00 am business meeting, 10:00 am program, 11:00 am view flower show results
      • Where: Village Hall
      • Program:   Ellen Frost, "Holiday Floral Designing"  Frost's Waverly shop Local Color Flowers is known for the community it fosters, and its commitment to the first and last words of its name: Every single petal was grown within 100 miles of Baltimore.
      • Hostesses: Jennifer Albrecht, Julie Maner, Marilyn Montgomery, Lisa Sanders
      Sunday, December 10, 2023:
      Annual Holiday Party
      • When: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
      • Where: Home of Ann Thompson, 3715 Village Park Drive, Chevy Chase, MD
      Tuesday, December 12, 2023:
      Business Meeting and Decorating Village Hall
      • When: 8:45 am coffee and social, 9:00 am meeting, 10:00 am decorating
      • Where: Village Hall
      • What: Annual decorating of the Village Hall, lead by Civics Committee
      • Hostesses:  Kyra Detmer, Paula Gibson, Muffin Lynham, Carolyn Wilson
      Tuesday, January 16, 2024:
      Business Meeting + Joint Program with Perennials Club: "Trashy: My Year Living with Zero Waste"
      • When: 9:30 am coffee and social, 10:00 am meeting, 10:45 am program
      • Where: Chevy Chase Village Hall
      • What:  In a joint meeting with Perennial Garden Club, we host Heather Gustafson, who will be speaking to us about her film “Trashy: A Zero Waste Film," her experience living a zero waste life and why limiting our waste is important for our environment.
      • Hostesses:   Nancy Cholis, Margaret Griffin, Twinkle Thompson, Ann Thompson
      Tuesday, February 6, 2024:
      Floral Design Workshop: Winter Wine and Cheese Flower Arranging Party
      • When: 6:00 pm
      • Where: TBD
      Tuesday, February 13, 2024:
      Business Meeting and Program: "Slow Birding"
      • When: 8:45 am coffee and social, 9:00 am meeting, 10:00 am program
      • Where:  Chevy Chase Village Hall
      • What:  Bridget Butler “Slow Birding: Reimagining our Connection with Birds.”

        The Bird Diva, Bridget’s approach to birding is to tap into each person's innate passion for nature through exploration and deep listening. She strives then to encourage folks to take that passion and turn it into action, paying it forward for the landscape they love & enjoy.

      • Hostesses: Marion Ballard, Catherine Clune

      Tuesday, March 12, 2024:
      Photography Show, Business Meeting and Program: Astronomy for Everyone
      • When: 8:45 am coffee and social, 9:00 am meeting, 10:00 am program
      • Where: Chevy Chase Village Hall
      • Photography Show:  Click here for the schedule.  Judging will take place during our meeting; entries and results can be viewed after the program. 
      • What:  Erin Clark “Astronomy for Everyone, Tales from an IDA Park”

        Have you ever been to an International Dark Sky Association (IDA) Park? A place so dark you can't even see the person in front of you. Designated in 2021, Sky Meadows State Park truly knows what it means to be on the dark side. The park offers spectacular celestial views to the DC metro area. But how has the park worked to educate and advocate for Earth's largest resource-- the sky?

      • Hostesses: Lindy Dickson, Elizabeth Dodson, Nancy Ridgway, Judy Van Namen
      Tuesday, April 9, 2024:
      Horticulture Show, Business Meeting and Program: Beautifying Van Ness
      • When: 7:00 am to 8:45 am hort passing, 8:45 am coffee and social, 9:00 am meeting, 10:00 am program
      • Where: Chevy Chase Village Hall
      • What:  Kathy Sykes “Beautifying Van Ness”

        Nowadays, if you see a Van Ness tree box or planter loaded with brilliant blooms, there’s a good chance Kathy Sykes had a hand (and a trowel) in planting it. She will tell us all about how she got started on what has grown into a neighborhood beautification project, her newest partner in this endeavor, and one thing neighbors can do to help her gardens grow.

      • Hostesses:  Michelle Dolge, Melissa Pflieger, Polly Sturm
      Wednesday, May 15, 2024:
      Business Meeting and Program:  Mount Cuba Road Trip!
      • Details to be announced closer to the date.  Meeting will take place on the bus. 
      • What:  Visiting Gardens trip to beautiful Mount Cuba Center in Hockessin, DE, a botanic garden dedicated to the conservation of native plants and their habitats.
      • Hostesses: Ginny Leachman, Schuyler Ryon
      Tuesday, June 4, 2024:
      Annual Meeting and Luncheon
      • When:  11:00 am to 1:30 pm
      • Where:  The home of Schuyler Ryon,  3317 Brooklawn Terrace, Chevy Chase, MD
      • Hostesses: Lunch graciously provided by the GCCC Executive Committee